TRAX ADV L сетка в крышку бокового кофра

Артикул BC.ALK.00.732.10500/B
категории товаров багаж
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Everything near at hand: The lid net for our TRAX ADV aluminum pannier system helps you to get your luggage organzied. In a heartbeat the highly flexible net can be mounted to fixation points inside the lid. This way when opening the lid documents, extra shoes, rain jacket or foldable backpack are right at hand. The convenient lid net is available in three sizes, fitting the different models of the motorcycle cases.


  • Lid net for TRAX ADV L side cases
  • Easly fastened to fixation points inside case lid
  • Material: Highly flexible elastic mesh
  • Dimensions lid net for 37 l side case M: 12 x 28 cm
  • Dimensions lid net for 45 l side case L: 20 x 28 cm
  • Dimensions lid net for 38 l top case: 20 x 24 cm


  • TRAX ADV L lid net>


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