TRAX ADV ножки для столешницы

Артикул ALK.00.732.10100
категории товаров багаж
4 275 руб × = 4 275 руб



Lightweight and durable pair of aluminium legs for the TRAX ADV camping table. Employing an additional pair of legs allows you to adjust the height of the camping table when used without the case. The two extendable legs come with a brushed aluminum surface and can be disassembled into four, non-extendible legs. Can also serve as a spare parts to replace original legs.

  • Lightweight and sturdy table legs
  • Height-adjustable
  • Can be separated into four single legs
  • Made from brushed aluminum
  • For TRAX ADV camping table
  • 2 extendible table legs, convertible into 4 standard legs
  • Mounting material
  • Mounting instructions
  • Please note: Can only be used together with TRAX ADV camping table

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